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Physicians and clinics seeing Medicare patients with hypertension and/or diabetes simply needs to call our office to request a HIPAA BAA and rental agreement to sign.   

Clinics rent different models of tele-monitoring devices from us and have the patient come into their office to be shown how to use said equipment.  For instance, a couple of our models does both, blood pressure and glucose monitoring for the patients that have hypertension and diabetes.  Other models we have might only do blood pressure and others might only do glucose.    Patients are not required to have technical knowledge as these systems are so simple and the doctor's staff (nurse or technician) basically gets the patient set up in less than 5 minutes in the office.   If a patient has a smart phone, a couple of our models tie into that, so that they always have their own readings on their phone as well as the secure portal.  If they do not, we use a SIM card technology model that uses cell phone signal to automatically transmit the data.

CPT code 99354 says:  "Remote monitoring of physiologic parameter(s) (eg, weight, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiratory flow rate), initial; device(s) supply with daily recording(s) or programmed alert(s) transmission, each 30 days"   CMS/Medicare expects the clinic to provide the equipment to the patient, per the wording of this code.

The patient takes the monitor home and every day, they check their blood pressure (about 43 seconds) or their glucose level using the monitor.   The data is automatically transmitted into a HIPAA secure portal so that the clinic staff can check the numbers daily.    Each day, it will take an employee (does not have to be a nurse or an M.A. - because it is so simple) about a minute to log in and check the patient's readings from the day before.   If the numbers are super high or super low, an alert is sent to that person via email that they need to check the portal immediately.    This alerts the practice of the patient suffering from hypoglycemia or potential problems.

The practice rents the monitors (most practices start out with 10 to 20 monitors and add more as they place those on patients) and the monthly rental includes the use of the secure portal as well.    There are no long term contracts or commitments so a practice can try us for a couple of months, see what kind of great payments they are getting from Medicare and the improved patient care, should they wish.

All employees of Tele-Care USA are located in the United States as we believe HIPAA PHI should never be allowed outside of the USA.

Clinics lease (on a monthly basis) the devices from TeleCare-USA and bill for the services and the typical monthly profit ranges from $50 to $70, depending on the Medicare locality.    For more information, reach out today to 903 871-1172 or email     donself@donself.com